National Health Accounts

In Curaçao, healthcare is facing the same problems as elsewhere in the world—an aging population, technological developments and unhealthy lifestyles are leading to an increase in the number of chronically ill people, resulting in rising costs. This, together with the open-ended nature of healthcare coverage and declining income due to a drop in the labor force is leading to a rapid rise in healthcare costs per inhabitant.

In an effort to provide a clear picture of healthcare costs in Curaçao and be able to manage these by means of policy interventions, the first National Health Accounts were presented in 2012. The  hNational Health Accounts describe healthcare cash flows broken down by healthcare provider, source of funding and function. In 2017, these were supplemented with the healthcare accounts for 2012-2016, prepared by the policy organization of the Ministry of Health, Environment and Nature. 

The reports of the healthcare accounts are available here.