The Institute of Public Health Curaçao (VIC) was established in 2012 and is committed to contribute to good public health with scientific research in the field of health and healthcare. The VIC supports citizens, professionals and governments with information that is used to keep people healthy, to provide good health care and to promote a healthy living environment. Every year, the VIC issues reports on health and healthcare in Curaçao. These reports provide starting points for making and evaluating evidence-based health policy.

The VIC is an independent institute within the Ministry of Health, Environment and Nature (GMN). This independence is reflected in the fact that the VIC independently prepares, executes and publishes its research. To this end, VIC collaborates with national and international experts who also evaluate and monitor the scientific conduct of the research, such as:
- The CBS, the SVB, the ADC N.V., the St. Elisabeth Hospital, and the professional organizations;
- The public sector: the policy department and inspectorate of GMN, the Public Health Service (G&Gz, formerly GGD);
- PAHO/WHO, CDC, RIVM, Erasmus MC, CBS Netherlands, and NIVEL.